Monday, 14 November 2011

A Lovely Sunny Autumn Day at Stockport Vintage Village

...What a wonderful time was had!  
We set up as the sunshine sparkled through the glass roof of the market place.  Didn't it just make the colours sing?  Dappled sunshine. 
And that little patch of blue behind my maroon bike...perfection, no?  A happy colour marriage!
Lovely folk came to chat, to sniff and admire, to munch on the sensational Red Delicious apples and marvel at the fact the flowers were real!  

Taken aback by this oft uttered question, accompanied by incredulous faces..."they're REAL?"  I did have to smile.  But perhaps it is not so surprising, they do look almost too good to be really 'real life'. 

And so,

Thank you to the glorious November sunshine, that kept the reptilian (ie me) amongst us, glowingly warm all day.

Thank you to the lovely stall holders who help me find my spot and didn't stand and point in horror when I wheeled in The Lady.

Thank you to my very first customer, an effortlessly, elegant girl, in a sweet vintage wool dress, who bought a vibrant treacle tin posy.

Thankyou to the adorable man who surprised his lovely lady with a Wee Treat Posy.  He understood the importance of "Just Because..."!
Thank you to my final customers of the day for the most effusive praise and genuine pleasure they took in the Lovely Day stall.  As well as, possibly the best, quote of the day...

"Mum.  I am NOT going to pinch your pumpkins...!"
And finally thank you to my lovely friends and family who came to help me, help me count my money (dof!), stand and natter with me, support me and even buy from me...a call above duty!

What a Lovely Autumn Day!


P.S. You can drop me a line at  I like a natter x 

P.P.S. Come and see me again December 11th - 10-4pm


  1. Oh my! This looks amazing, the nicest posies I have ever seen. What a brilliant idea in the treacle tins. I know the vintage village well, I will have to come and see you. I think it is a Raleigh Cameo that I have, will have to check when I can wade through the mud that is my garden.

    sam x

  2. ...oh that would be lovely! "Lady" is a cameo! x

  3. So, i LOVE you! I love your stall and i ache so hardy that you are not nearer to me.
    You need to put the address and postcode etc... for the market. People don't know it and customers will always travel for what they WANT xxx a-mazing!

  4. Wowser, your stall looks amazingly beautiful.
    Lisa x

  5. Thankyou!! Its so nice to see your friendly selves here!! I am already planning the next, with a few tweaks and a lot of Christmas sparkle!

  6. Well done m'lady!
    It would have been hard to move away from such a sight....x